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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  July 19, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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d weben nighwith brea news nineoplehave enrushed thhoal afr a rbon node lk. it happedar the interstion nornan pearing rkways. fi officials satwo ults and seven chengosick. theyeve broken wat heater may have used the ak. e vis have en taken to university spit. their name and conditio have t beenreleased stay with us for on this eakingstoras they came in. > we ha more on th
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ooting of two baltore city policefficer policeave entifiedhose offi who were wounded in thshoot out on tuesday we have that ory. >> repoer: today eyare beg call incrible hero fostopngshoong suspect tehe wept ona cre sp ac the city. one was leased fromth spital d e is still conditio it all arted whenansin claiforcedmself to ho on ue. someoncaed 91angavea descriptio a sht me laanother 911 wentout th healted woman. when they tracd down suspect he washot in the back. it ended th the officebeing shotthree times theest, abmen and
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arm. >>the suspt witho was ou of the vecle atth time ambushed our officer d red several ots throh drer side of poce veclriki tfficer while s still in e car. >> second offir returnedfire ttg an woun thsuspect, puttg stopto thshooou today ofcer ro, a 17 ye veten remas in le ndn whe r ofcer,curt mcmiion was treated and asfr th hospital day. theyeleased this emt saying the po departnt ot accomplish this on our ow we ne the cizens a e's attorney'sofce join with the police dertment ratherhan ke waon our poli. while thmayor saysrepeat offenders like the suect ed
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to say bend bars. >>he h a rerd he suldn't haen on thstet. weardoing part but every vel of governnt h to do itpa. >> they say charges are peing againsm but ll be arwith twcounts o atted erand assault. >> thanks. yohethmayor taing t arrest record. online records show it inclus coictions ng back 93 for saul k dring, dome violence. wecontinue date web te. the bo of a man at was missg has been un grando w fishing ingreat falls parktside the cal ltway. he jumped find a er shing . hibody wafound ouha
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mileom the sp whhe disare eynt to archfor two men that eda lior ore d lledthow ndanmily gathed outside e qu store. police thhave survllce that shs tho methatobthe ste. eye still ying to trk em . a rgeous day today pecially you re down fr the beh. we have slightol tempat. degrees rit no weare ill seeing plen of sunsne this eveni. back herat homwe are in th upr 70rino we do have warmermperatures onthe y. toy was a very comfortabl day. tonight dotoabout 60 ees. we coulhave a wet week ahd. i'llhave e details co u in a bit. the ntagon has coirmed that a videpost online doesinfa ow
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aneric soier who wacaptured in afghistan by liban. he habeenmissing sie ne 30. re isoh >> at's your na? my is beau. >> wre are you from >> froidinthe s.a he wala seenwalking awayrom his ba. the area is known tobe a liban stnghold. the videconfirmewhat had been feed, taban d caedhim. >>t isery unneing be a proner. he chokes talking t s faly. >> hamy glfriend, o i was ho torry. i ve my grandmand grandpa. i ve a very verygood family ati love bachome in amica.>> rorter:
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thdence dertnt rsethis atent. we hopefor our son'safe return to his comresand th to ouly they are apalinfor hi release droppingaf by saying e of our american guestsis ssing. returnhim to his hoit pu the obama adminirationn e densive. ro gas wr th u.s. forces mustin gunby nextsuer avoid a puic perceptionthatthwar winnable they admit that e oopsar tired and theran peop are pretty tired. abnews, washgt >>so out ofafghantan y helicopt crd killg 16eople. nasays it waa russian ned hecopters, t miryne. th y it was a mission to
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support peace keing rces ghanistan. > the bathroomlines got loer at the ace statio da one thspacstation's two ils malfunctned. there say baom on thespace shuttlle. eywill continue --shtle. they ll ntinue using that on they llntinuemoving cargo tothe ace ation. and tomorr rks the 40th anniversy ofthe fitime a n wa on the ac e on. artrong wathe first rson to c dowfrollo 11. >>hat i remeerost is thelanctween neil and
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self with e engine sh off just the secondafter we toucd do becauswe had justompled e most icaloor eng for exploratioin all of ma. >> maryland scienteris asking visitors share their memo. they were sting thaton what people reinth day in anxhibio cond flr. > and wehaveuch more ead cluding one largest celebrns of art,musiand li. it is right here. and the ro ip contins with n y in chicag ros al day'actionin a few nute > and justin burke s here. we do have a nnerofthe
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bble head, dera wis. we'lget athtfter t break.
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wha eat ekend fo e of e nation's ggest t festiv. itattrted thousands ofar anfun lovers. enyed exhibitsmusic and . tonight is robin thicke. ok the stagnot o ng ago to ap e fr festival. w re is porf doler rar. >>itseems
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ke r capeha me on ashoy as you n con. >> and we acaladrerd breang low mperes. wel ta it r juabsote. >>yes. and we arseeing a ttle bi sunshine out er rit notemperatur ry mfore. 80 degreefrom the airpor humie i is%. winds are of the east 7 miper ho eastly windswi bring w mo cloud expect the clou to ntinue buildp th evening as we start to get is effect off of thwate temperates ayedathe comfortae. very chilly stt to thda mi50s from r. roke the rerdt th
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airpt. one thin hat enan ofoday and haly any of this nt in. the rar s beendry all day toda it habeen dry for st of th moh. while e abavage we are actuly well low erag for the ntofju. itoks like we'll starto e it. we a gog to drthis eving. a feou t thce of rainoenot come into play l r th week. 57 degrees this morning were atdeees t back in 62. prty old recother todawe ly reachighof 81 degrees. you can see 7 degrees w thatrage of 88. ilart togeback up e noal mperatur. we'll be a lile bit waer than have been. we are defily not eling
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it r in york. only 79 this ur haeer. so fortonight ing nely cooaslastnight. clouds ilng up acro the area wi heto inlate the atsphe. we arnot ing the ha th raatiol cooling. ght arnd 60 deees. if u'relose to thit willbemorelikethe mid-60 withtemperatures warming to the w 80s. we have a low prsure systemth iswhere the sterly ndare comingfr and that wre the cloud cois cong fas we. ardeg with upper level gh. thatwill be pushg its way towardthe mid-atlant we th is e the chce of inomes io pl. we denite need at rain. oulduse a littbiof rain. loo we'll se ance of it ery dath week. it comes intoplfo tomorrow we'll build cover r.
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tomorr mng'll stay dr a ight chance of showers tomorrowafternooand en the chance ofwe will contue build thh the week on and off every day until iday tonighwn to 60 degrees. a little rmcloser to today. a ceofafrnd eveninthderstormcome intolaand stays the foreca prey much ek. you exct highs to be cooler onuesday warmback up wednesdainto thay. a chance of way l thway thugtil e end of the week wihighacng the mid-80s for rd and sunday. a ninega adtrip is extly whey t need. they were becames under 0 inthrst half. toy trng td the
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p. white soacticallgive it away two runs d ored ld pihes. greg goes the other singled toft. th sc in the o's d le 5- he goes 8 innis, allo twsolo runs. guy was stone and tocare it quickl inng en leay. ott goes down thli. hops scos ea. toy uld long greg. comes up with tw and two out ng tony pena. hes go.
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that is a 3 shotto rit. rbi. m jon comes in. o's win -2. >>years d and ght time mar chamon yowould think totson uldn't be sctible to pressure. heacked. fil round, thstory waro er. chipped in ontwo. he gets fivde the paurfth hole ts him. tedrivto thll grass caotip t. fishes two ovpa lee stwood tryi to win his
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t jor. aftebirdieinsigets th gltt. watson pl thfronni and twover onthe r thre . ed for at ree under. he uld gi onback. thge a two der d ties for the le. goes thclubhouse. l needs is a r 18. the ghtime mar champ esit way short. he d also gey the rst hole inthe playof hegoeshethird stro, falls apin the deep rocks, es out 20 feet sink uld take a four st lead. nk nevelead allweeken plays flawless inthe play .
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two pars, two rdies. wiin 2 feet ofa major birdie he wins. s fit machpionsh 36s old. sink afar paid ute to watsonwho made this a weekend hewon't soon foet. >> thway he has pledhas own erybody away. waregrful i was tt against m in theplay off. amlated tohavewon. itou have be hellof a story wodn'tit? itwa't to be. isa grt diointnt. it s at ur g wayss rn gut. e t me all the nns came frpls outside the top ten e 99. ewart si
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wi ha his na engraved the ju >>and name baltimore so hiy pls fothe u.s.ional team. and wetrk some wnto thr first round pi. at's nexton abc ws, .
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>>s.mens soccer tiedat you maremembs d wh led the blast couple of indoor tles. he crices his body get the penack and coer it. kenny co, the game winner they pl uras. >>d it was one crazght for matt. hemade hipro t.
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he pitched e ngstruck out onreldpitc and mmted ro andon idertss sendhome ru two run sh. hes in0. jeffwho once d a cu coffee hereheis hittg 318. jakewi five inning lo at this nasty rve. man,l i uld think abt watom watson on the 18th ho neg an p wiit. and hechked it. ye, it just dn'tlo go. i was tchi that today beuse itissuch
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teresting story. once he missed that shoti was ne. >>it a fuekend. >> thks a lot. >> uh-huh. >> be righback after this. dulletal clanking sounbear gros. mius
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mic ♪ ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrr!! whiling bluegss te ♪
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>>gas pres haveen rising
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fothe paseveral months. w they have ll. the pre is $28 r e tional avage. the exs int to crsing stociles oil and dropping demandfor e reasonthe icesre opping. llwe have becool and arinto stay a little t below average for e next few days. are nay going to e some rainfall. haven'ten th mu but its comi r way. toow a ancefor shers. a greater an ugh th week. 'll warm up the mi80s by thmiddof t week. looklikea chce of owers and thunderstormet much ery >> thanks lot. >> thank yo >> and thanks for watcng join us tonight rit af brhers and srs.
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